Investment Strategies

Equity Income

Designed For:

  • LONG-TERM INVESTORS who need to grow their portfolio but are wary of stock market volatility
  • INCOME INVESTORS who seek an income stream that outpaces inflation
  • TAX-CONSCIOUS INVESTORS who are aware of the cost of income taxes
  • An income approach to equities that pays dividends
  • The Equity Income Portfolio focuses on high-quality companies with a history of sustainable and growing dividends, which seeks to provide an income stream that increases every year and the opportunity for long-term capital appreciation

Select Equity Strategy

Designed For:

  • GROWTH & INCOME INVESTORS who desire a broadly diversified portfolio
  • TAX-CONSCIOUS INVESTORS who prefer a portfolio with historically low turnover
  • An actively managed, fully diversified, equity portfolio that aims to reduce volatility on the downside
  • The portfolio’s objective is to deliver consistent, predictable and superior long-term performance by investing in higher quality stocks with capital appreciation potential

Focused Equity Strategy

Designed For:

  • LONG-TERM INVESTORS who desire an actively managed, opportunistic investment strategy
  • AGGRESSIVE INVESTORS who are seeking capital appreciation and can tolerate volatility
  • High conviction investing in our most compelling investment opportunities
  • The Focused Equity approach is an actively managed, all-equity portfolio concentrated heavily in our best investment opportunities

Custom Multi-Asset
Class Strategy

Designed For:

  • LONG-TERM INVESTORS who are attached to legacy positions
  • GROWTH & INCOME INVESTORS who prefer a more broadly diversified portfolio
  • A unique investment experience built for you and only you
  • The Multi-Asset Class approach is constructed based on your specific goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance

Investment Philosophy

What We Believe

  • Investors covet consistent, predictable, and superior performance.
  • The market is efficient, but pockets of inefficiency exist.
  • Investment success is a function of the ability to capitalize on these inefficiencies through an accurate assessment of the present value of future change.
  • Relative outperformance is a function of a proactive, forward-looking approach.

What We Look For

  • Stocks possessing a combination of the following offer the highest probability of future outperformance:
    • Financial strength
    • High free cash flow generation
    • Growing dividends
    • Improving dynamics

How We Do It

  • Extensive bottom-up, fundamental research leads to more consistent identification of those stocks
  • Consistent outperformance is a function of proactive asset allocation, superior stock selection, and disciplined portfolio construction
  • Mitigate risk through a structured sell discipline

Risk Control

Our three-tiered approach to risk management helps us match your portfolio to your risk comfort level.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is your first line of defense against market risk. Your investments should reflect who you are. If you have a higher risk tolerance, then your portfolio will reflect that through higher stock holdings and expected returns. If you are a more conservative investor, we’ll adjust accordingly. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with.


We are strong believers in the power of diversification when it comes to controlling risk. Our portfolios typically hold positions representing most economic sectors.

Stock Selection

Our stock selection process combines fundamental research, quantitative modeling, and technical analysis to choose stocks that we believe have the greatest potential. While we do everything we can to control it, risk is an essential part of investing that we believe cannot be avoided with any measure of consistency. Therefore, we do not engage in market timing, as the evidence has proven it to be largely unsuccessful over long periods of time.