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Doyle Wealth Management Introduces The PARTNER Program

At Doyle Wealth Management, we understand the challenges that come with the accumulation and preservation of wealth. Should I maximize my 401(k), contribute to a Roth IRA, or start saving money in my child’s college education fund? Do I really need to do any estate planning? Am I diversified enough? Are my accounts titled properly? How should I invest the money I have saved?

We are proud to announce that we are able to offer on-going investment management and financial planning education to a limited group of clients who are committed to long-term financial success. We are calling this program our PARTNER Program.

Our PARTNER Program will offer comprehensive financial planning and investment management. Topics will include:

  • Cash flow analysis, planning, and budgeting
  • Investment basics, asset allocation, and diversification
  • Prioritizing financial goals: emergency funding, retirement planning, college savings, and investments
  • Saving for retirement, maximizing contributions, and types of available retirement plans
  • Tax planning and insurance considerations
  • Estate planning, account titling, wills, trusts, and naming beneficiaries

In addition to active portfolio management expertise, clients accepted into our PARTNER Program are provided with financial planning and strategy meetings, educational resources, and a dedicated Portfolio Analyst backed by a team of investment professionals.

The PARTNER Program is tailored to individuals who are still in the wealth accumulation phase of their careers. These professionals may not qualify otherwise due to our higher asset minimum, but they have the ability to save and invest, and the desire to strengthen their financial futures. Among financial planning and advisory firms, this population is typically underserved. 

At Doyle Wealth Management, we pride ourselves in the long-term trusted relationships we have established with our clients. We decided to launch this program after receiving repeated requests from our clients asking us to assist their children and other loved ones. This program will take the trusted relationship Doyle Wealth Management clients have enjoyed and extend the offer to those who are committed to long-term financial success.

We are accepting qualified candidates who are both committed to growing their wealth through a structured saving and investing strategy, and looking to ‘Partner’ with the expertise of Doyle Wealth Management. If you or someone you know would benefit from our PARTNER Program, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss it further. Please call or emailfor more information.

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What are the minimum requirements to become a candidate for the PARTNER Program?

While our standard minimum does not apply for candidates in the PARTNER Program, individuals must be committed to long-term financial success and have the ability to participate in a structured savings and investing program.

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